Cheerleading is a sport involving the performance of organized tumbling, jumps, stunts, and dance. This is a great area for students to learn self-confidence, teamwork, and strength. Each class placements are determined based on age and/or skill level of all areas.  All cheerleading students are encouraged to take an additional dance and/or tumbling.

For morning classes (ages 3-5), click here.

For company dance & competitive teams, click here.

LEVEL 1 & 2

This is our beginner cheerleading class designed for students ages 5-8 years old. Students will learn the ropes of the cheer world. A great way for students to shape and improve their skills to move up to level 2. No prerequisites.


This is our intermediate cheerleading class designed or students ages 8-11 years old. We will focus on more difficult stunts and choreography. Prerequisites:
-Toe touch
-Sharp motions 
-Back/front walkover
-Strong Level 1 Stunts


This cheerleading class involves a great amount of challenge, dedication, and commitment. Students will have the opportunity to compete in two or more small competitions during the season. Prerequisites:

-Strong Level 3 Stunts & Skills

-Back hand spring

-High energy

-Positive attitude and eagerness to perform

-Must attend (2) additional cheer/tumbling classes throughout the week

Tryouts are required for our Competitive Cheer Team - everyone is invited to tryout! We are looking for experienced performers who want to challenge themselves.

Fall 2020 Tryouts will be held on Saturday, September 12th from 12 - 5 PM.

Dress code: athletic wear, hair pulled back and cheer/ tennis shoes