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Open to all ages, no experience required. We need to learn the basics to get a good foundation as we progress into the harder skills. Another important aspect of this class is conditioning and flexibility. We want to start building strength in the athletes so that they are able to work on the skills they want to, all while keeping them injury free. No Prerequisites.

*Mandatory tumbling class one hour per week, may sign up for additional class for extra practice.

Dress code: Athletic shorts and tank top/t-shirt or leotard; must have hair pulled back.


Some of the skills we will develop in this class are front and back walkovers, back handsprings, roundoff back handsprings, aerials, back extension rolls, front handsprings, and drills for back tucks. Tryout required to move to Level 2. Prerequisites:

-Front limber or front walkover

-Back walkover 

-Round off with block and rebound

-Backward roll to a push-up position

-Handstand hold

-Right and left leg cartwheel

*Mandatory (2) tumbling classes per week.

Dress code: leotard with or without spandex shorts, hair must be pulled back.


This is the class where the athletes get to choose what tricks and tumbling passes they want to work on. There are many options the athletes may choose from if they don’t have specific goals, however, we are open to the specific goals of the child. This class will also utilize drills and breakdown of their more basic skills in order to hit their goals of the bigger passes and tricks. Tryout required to move to Level 3. Prerequisites:

-Front walkover on dominant leg, front limber on non-dominant leg

-Back walkover on dominant leg, back limber on non-dominant leg

-Round off back handspring

-Front handspring 

-Back extension roll


*Mandatory (2) tumbling classes per week.

Dress code: leotard with or without spandex shorts, hair must be pulled back.


This class is for the individual aged 12 and older. This class will be a combination of all three levels…there is no need for required skills! We want this class to become a community and a group of friends that they can continue to rely on, as well as being a place away from school with others their age.

Dress code: tank top, leggings or athletic shorts.